Photography Magog

DubeauTrudeau is a duo of photographers who work "à quatre mains". Whether a picture was
taken by one, the other, or both photographers, the resultant photograph will be developed in such
tight collaboration that the frontiers of whose work is whose gradually disappear. This
unconventional way of working came to, naturally, over the years.

With their floral portraits, DubeauTrudeau aim to create reactions of surprise, of joy, of wonder...
The process to create a floral portrait begins with an exploration for a unique visual element. It
might be a detail, a curve, a texture, a colour, a particular symmetry, a specific view or unique
environment. The wide variety of their floral portraits shows how DubeauTrudeau explore with
great freedom. To them, creating a portrait of a flower requires the same careful dedication than
would the portrait of a person.