Francine Bouchard

Watercolor, TMixtes Canton-de-Hatley, Québec, Canada

is a member of the Institute of Figurative Arts and the Canadian Watercolour. Her talent, daring and originality have won her many prizes and acknowledgments.
After over 23 years of experience and research, the result of each of her paintings comes from pure creativity and imagination. What interests her most is the poetry and turmoil a subject can bring, rather than the subject itself. She paints impressions and atmosphere; urban or nature landscapes, portraits and everyday life.
Often, without needing a sketch, the creation process is launched with the very first brush stroke. A composition imposes itself, and a story is created as she goes along, often bathed by an aura of surreality. “Controlled” randomness builds on itself and confirms her intuitions. In the end, a gradual illumination settles in, with its accompanying veil of mystery.

* Her varnished watercolours do not require glass-covered frames.