Jacynthe Comeau

Watercolor, painting Bolton Est, Canada

received the “Silver Medal” from the Canadian Watercolor Society, the “Da Vinci Prize” from the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour of Toronto and was also awarded the “Prime Minister Prize” at “Rêves d’automne” the National Painting Competition in Charlevoix.

From early childhood, Jacynthe Comeau used her creative sense in manual and artistic activities. Later on, she opted for college and university studies closely related to art. These theoretical and practical studies along with workshops taken from well-known artists helped her master her art form at a professional level. She became a full-time member of the “Canadian Watercolor Society” in 2000, winning prizes and mentions along the way.

For her, creating a piece of art requires day-to-day observation, enabling one to catch a fleeting moment, which in turn could become a painting. This is why as a figurative painter, she can study details up close, the world unveiling itself slowly before her eyes, a lucky witness to all its’ beauty and poetry.

She continues experimenting and inventing in her own way with different mediums, writing, ink and acrylic and in doing so explores and discovers the real nature of things.