Manon St-Jules/ Jean-Claude Gardner

Recycled textile Stukely sud, Québec, Canada

Manon originaly started as a ceramic artist in 1985. She was among other things involved as the person in charge of firing at the Ateliers populaires de Montréal. She discovered and immersed herself in glass thermoforming from 1993 and produced works that interacted with metal banisters. From 1996, St-Jules joined with partner Jean-Claude Gardner and they developped a line of flower vases aimed at ikebana practitioners using their combined expertise.
In early 2009, she started experimenting with giving a new life to used clothing by modifying pieces she would acquire here and there. Starting 2010, she started to present her work at the Circuit des arts and has been enjoyed popular sucess.

Jean-Claude explored several trades as a sound technician, traveler, and house painter, until he turned into a fully-fledged and self-employed sculptor in the early 90's. His early works were made of semi-precious and natural stones as well as recycled wood assembled with the use of pewter and tin.
After an encounter with glass artist Manon St-Jules in 1997, the two partnered up and the outcome was sculptural glass works, such as decorative Ikebana pots.

In early 2015, his artistry took a drastic turn towards fabrics and the use of an overlock machine. The result is incorporated in partner Manon's present work as a dressmaker and the two continue to develop their company, Les Toutacous de Manou.