Painting, TMixtes Orford, Canada

The paintings, whose themes are inspired by the elements of nature, lie between the abstract and the figurative and present a personal style among the different forms of pictorial expressions. The writing and the graphics of modern and cave influences give the works a rich and varied texture. The works are painted with spontaneity, the main quality of the first artists tracing the sketch of their creations on the walls of Cosquer and Lascaux. Acrylic paint is used in the chiaroscuro in warm semi-tones reminiscent of the nuance of colors that nature permeates in stone and rock. The work created from consciousness and intuition can move the observer and, through the new experience, bring happiness and tranquility. A sensitivity, an intense passion for Art, as well as a fervor at work, engender a constant mutation of the writing aspiring to always more beauty and harmony.
"I only remember what is the painting of the human heart" (Stendhal)