Pascale Bouchard (Artiste invitée)

Encaustic, mixed media Magog

Pascale has always been inspired by the many artists who, particularly, characterized the Impressionist and Expressionist movements. Today, in her own way, she explores the harmony of colors, textures and movement through different mediums. It is sometimes thanks to the surprising fusion of the encaustic or the fluidity and transparency of ink wash and watercolor, that her abstract and even impressionistic work emerges.

Her intuitive and natural gestures take an important place in her creations. She escapes the harness of`` needing to please" or of " creating to the taste of ..". Pascale simply chooses to "BE" and her know-how follows, which permits her to exploit her talent both technically and easily and, above all, to assert her innate strength: her pictorial composition.

Mainly inspired by nature and all its elements: trees, the sky, flowers, etc, this artist wishes to honor, in all modesty, the great beauties of the spaces which surround us. She suggests, through applying various lines, shapes, spots and textures, a space, vegetation or even a landscape, according to her own personal pictorial expression.

All the freedom and spontaneity, which have emerged in her art today, are the main results of several years of learning. Technical skills have been well mastered, but essentially, it has been through personal learning. To be herself, to be authentic and to decide to create her own space is today the driving force behind the artistic intent of this 40-year-old woman.

Atmospheres felt and orchestrated with authenticity, are placed in time and hence define the journey and the unique signature of Pascale Bouchard, the artist.
I would even add that in her works with organic and natural hues, the viewer is permitted to project themselves into the painting, and take, as well, the freedom and the possibility to do some introspection, the time of a glance.