Pierre Nadeau

Blacksmith Eastman, Québec, Canada

The human hand once met raw matter and made it hers. With the discovery of metallurgy more than 5000 years ago, blacksmithing became the mother of all trades. Indeed without the blacksmith no other craftsman could work! Today, he is mistaken for the welder. He is misrepresented, mostly forgotten. Celebrating the artisan know-how by the working hand, iron, and fire, Pierre Nadeau has given himself the task to rehabilitate blacksmithing as a spiritual path and to recapture ancestral knowledge with the intention of giving it a meaning that is much needed. His artistic approach is to persevere on the artisan path : to live making objects by hand that are devoid of gimmick, authentic, made noble through their truth. His goal is his own emancipation through work and, as a by-product of the process, works are offered as witnesses of progress. Each work is a milestone, a snap shot taken along the way, a trace left.