Suzanne Lagacé

Pottery Austin

Graduated from the École des beaux-arts of Québec,
She has developped a personal artistic path which combine
Innovation, functionality and aesthetics.

A dream comes true when she establishes her ceramic studio
at Austin, in the Eastern Townships, in 1994, and made her
own gaz kiln.

Her pottery work has evolved towards a technique called slabbing,
in order to experiment new shapes in stoneware or porcelain.
Gaz kiln firing allows her glazes resulting from both research and
experimentation, to benefit largely from the fire flames, which
will allow the piece of pottery to take its final aspect.

One pottery was selected for “A r t s 2 0 0 0”,
a national celebration of the visual arts produced by
the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, Gallery Stratford, Ontario.

Three pieces were selected by the Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke for the exhibition
“SALON DU PRINTEMPS 2007”, artists of Eastern Township.