Conditions of participation

Circuit des arts Memphrémagog
General conditions of participation

1. Basis of the agreement
The artist welcomes all visitors in his/her studio or exhibition site  for the duration of the activity.

2. Conditions of eligibility
2.1 The artist must have a personal and sustained artistic production. (The artistic criteria of selection are the following : originality and creativity, composition and balance, quality and technical research, artist statement and CV).
2.2 The artist must be a landlord residing full time or part time, or a tenant residing full time in the MRC Memphrémagog and provide a tangible proof of residency.
2.3 The artist must have an exhibition site which is pleasing, accessible, salubrious and safe. The artists participating in the Circuit des arts Memphrémagog can not expose in a public place, institutional or commercial place.