AnneMarie Peltier

Quilling paper •

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A few lines of the design are drawn on the chosen canvas. A narrow hand cut paper strip is winded around my quilling tool. My fingers shape a colourful spiral. A discrete dot of glue seals the first piece. The montage of a multitude of pieces will create the pattern which will be framed, glued to a card or will fill space with its 3D dimension.

The singularity of the paper strip will be transformed into a feather under the thin blades of the scissor or will be shaped into a rounded petal under the pressure of the thumb. The linear paper strip will flourish within the superpositions…

From the paper sheet to the thin strip; from the spiral to the framed creation : the ancient technique of quilling allows me to express the range of my emotions in an explosion of colors and forms to create unrealistic… or serious pieces.

My head has been filled with projects for more than 20 years!