Céline Gendron

Painting •

514 882-9612

Céline Gendron was born in Eastern Townships. She did a DEC in arts at Sherbrooke in the 70’ s, and a BAC in Visual Arts and Media at the University of Quebec in Montreal in the early 2000’s, with honours mention. She took part in solos and groups exhibitions and she received prizes emphasizing the quality of her work, among them the first and second places of the Festivart of Frelishburg and the prize of the Mount St-Hilaire Museum. Her work is part of many private and public collections in Canada, United States and Europe.

In my work in abstract painting and drawing, I try to evoke an energy unfolding in space and time. I try to transpose a fleeting or changing breath, taking different forms both ethereal and concise. I seek to densify, summarize and keep only what matters while reducing to the essential. The effects of sfumato, the use of transparency and opacity are integral parts of my work to spread or condense energy. I prefer neutral tones: white, gray, black, sepias, blues, earth tones. It all fits into a search of harmony and beauty.