Gabrielle Huppertz

stained glass •

514 913-8756

Born in Belgium, she emigrated to Canada and continued her studies in Quebec. Always
having been fascinated by the stained glass in Europe, she developed her interest and
investigated the various techniques in use. Glass raises a special attraction for her because
it allows creation of objects of an incomparable quality and impossible to reproduce in any
other artistic field.

She eventually took an introductory stained glass class at the «Studio du Verre in Montreal».
Once retired, she moved to Magog where she learned the Tiffany technique followed by
the stained glass lead came method (traditional method for making stained glass) with
« Les Verriers de Magog ». Since then she has explored and perfected the mastery of these
two techniques while leaving room for her creativity. She also experiments by introducing
other techniques in her stained glass windows, such as fusion for example.