Hugo Aubin (GOHU)

Digital print Engraving •

514 688-0419

His inspiration comes from the fragile equilibrium that coexists with the intuitive spontaneity of print art. HIs pictorial research resides between two universes: the abstract and the figurative. The designs are based on photographs, monotypes, ink blots, and diverse textures. Always attracted by the digital dimension, he has created a new iconography of hybrid expression that reveals infinite variations, offering the possibility of remodelling matrices, changing perceptions of images, or reconstituting environments open to the imagination. Today, the heart of his artistic endeavours is print art in all its forms, produced either in the workshop or at the computer.

He is currently working on digital designs that are printed on different materials. During a visit to the workshop, you will see giclées on Arches paper, on fabric, or on brushed aluminum. The designs printed on metal are often reworked in the workshop with epoxy resin, or machine etched, or painted on stained glass to heighten the colours and gildings.