Jean Brouillet

Painting •

819 769-8834

Passionate about art, I observe, admire and have collected paintings for many years. By a fortunate and strange coincidence, I recently took up brushes, spatulas and paint to explore this avenue from a different point of view. So far, creating pushes me into new areas, where I am not always comfortable at first, but it leads to such powerful emotions. Curious by nature, I let myself follow this route with sometimes anguishing pleasure in the activity. My work always starts with preparatory sketches inspired by details in certain photographs. I look for new shapes that, with the colors I choose, will cause unexpected results. In various sizes, my acrylic paintings offer a mix of bold colors, contrasts and transparencies. The starting point of my artistic work almost always changes, because I experiment and let my imagination go during the process of creation. The compositions thus gain in fantasy; sometimes with surprising results.