Luc Pelletier

Wood carving •

819 347-7992

My art practice is haunted by wood, because of my filiation, because of the scent, because of the discovery of the intricacies of the growth rings under each layer of exposed matter. I do not cut down trees. I recover them. Based on an organized reflection, my artistic research is inspired by morning inspiration, as well as by what reveals itself while working. My sociological approach gives me an unusual perspective. Sculpture translates this perspective into image. Simultaneously, words will come as a poem for each series of sculptures. Those are places where life’s meaning is intentional. I use chainsaws to arrive at the essential shape. With abrasive paper, I refine the contour of each volume, every one of them being inspired by elements from nature. Scars left by the tools echo the wake of human life. Surface scorching and dry brush colouring techniques accentuate the texture and the smooth/rough contrast.