Lydia Fortin & Sharlotte N-Guandique

Poterie Techniques mixtes •

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It all started at the Bonsecours School of Ceramics when Fortin and Novoa could not understand ceramics as it was presented to them : a series of identical pieces that are intended to be as profitable as easy to produce. This, they felt, cut them off from the very origins of clay art.

Each piece is considered a work of art in and of itself, which deserves the same attention to details and passion. This, they say, allows them to sustain their inspiration. Sharing their approach and love for art, they became accomplices in their work.

Once, they came across a quote by Walter Benjamin in his book The Work of Art at the Time of its Mechanized Reproduction: « Even at its finest, the reproduction of a work of art always lacks its hic et nunc (which is latin for «here and now»), its unique existence in time and space. There, and only there, its history takes place. » This, they realized, represents exactly how they felt about their art and that gave the name to group effort.