Marie-Michèle Desmarais

Charcoal drawing •

819 578-9175

Marie-Michèle Desmarais grew up near a zoo, where her parents took her for a walk every morning. Her mother would prepare an orange for the elephants who came to meet them because they recognized the stroller from afar.

Today, she leaves her job as a speech therapist to live from her passion:

Adding life to people’s nest with her animal charcoals.

She captures the cutest and most majestic aspects of the animal world through collages she composes from animal photographs obtained in collaboration with Canadian photographers.

She shares with you this intimate connection with nature through her drawings. Charcoal remains her medium of choice. The fineness of the line and the black and white character allows her to create unique and timeless images. Also, by removing the colors, the emphasis is then put on the texture, the composition and the emotion.

She gives back to the earth by planting two trees per canvas sold.