Martine Désilets

Engraving painting •

514 945-3807

Misguidance, agitation and servitude are sometimes traps offered to us by life, to the vertigo of certain days of great excitement, to bring us to realize that a true and authentic being seeks to emerge from the depths of the self. A much more centered being that one, in search of harmony and an essential coherence between convictions, values and personal fulfillment. Thus is resurged in 2011, this artist once at half mast, but candidly fierce to have resisted so many years of seclusion.

The artist in me has found today the path of creation and my approach, currently, is one of exploration of the creative process. I draw relentlessly in my deep roots, which only require the energy of the gesture and the spontaneous emotion to see them flush. Painting, collagraphy and monotype are the main vehicles allowing me to put in shape and in light all that life gives us to tame the time of our fabulous trip in this grandiose world charged with all the questions.

In painting, I leave the water and the air to guide me in my inner movements and openly welcome these metaphors where the sea and the sky are confronted, like an unspeakable quest against the immensity of everything which is possible beyond known horizons. The reds of the sky and the sea are sometimes confused, like an infallible reflection, and testify to the dawn at dusk of all life. The blues with nuances and textures testify for their part that the unconscious wants to reveal us if we agree. An accomplice nevertheless appears, a fox friend if there is one, illustrating that although we face the human condition, we are not alone if we accept, in all humility, the prodigal assistance we have sometimes need.

By the collagraphy, I make much use of the element earth, and emphasizes in a more marked way, by lines and more sustained colors, which is in the depths of the being when this one is in search of answers in the hope of becoming incarnate altogether. I like to reveal here that life has its breaks and its obstacles, its fractures and its crevasses, and that it becomes imperative sometimes to dive into the heart of its own density. It does not matter wanderings and misplaces, because all this is as natural as nature itself. And warmly this presence open to all confidences … fox friend accompanies and soothes the bursts of the soul, as only true friendship can do.

My monotypes, for their part, confirm the main theme and reveal some singular elements of relief and figurative that enrich the creative process. Here again, intuition is very present. My homage to Jacqueline is a good illustration of the importance I place on the spirituality that surrounds people, and the place of the human soul in my quest for meaning.

Thus, in the detours of the approaches and techniques used, colors and features appear on the canvas, this approach which distinguishes me as an artist, and which always invites me to draw and register at the same time in the vast world around me. A world of muffled poetry, nature and emotions, life and sensation impressions, universal questioning and tame summary answers. In short, a whole set of dualities and letting go that cross me and which encourage me to walk ceaselessly further along the path of discovery. And to share them. Welcome to my pictorial world.