Ronald Magar

Watercolor Peinture •

819 769-0698

Early on Ronald Magar developped an inclination for drawing and painting. During the early seventies, he followed painting and drawing sourses at the School of Arts of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. He will learn avout colours, composition and model figures. He will, however pursue his studies in the field of sciences, which will not prevent him from maintaining his artistic development. During his undergraduate studies in biology at McGill University, he followed drawing courses in the Department of Architecture. Later, he followed watercolour courses at the Centre culturel de Longueuil where he painted wildlife and still-life. He will maintain his artistic progression throughout his scientific career. While in Ottawa for his work, he pursued watercolour and pastel courses at Algonquin College and the Nepean Visual Art Center.

Back in Quebec for retirement he settled in Magog, where his spouse set up a pottery studio. Here, he now spends most of his time doing watercolours and drawings as well as exploring new mixed media.