Suzanne Ferland

Painting Photography •

819 868-0556

Narrative perceived spaces


My artistic approach was influenced by a long working experience in cinema and television where my view of space was conditionned by fragmented images, combined one to the others and creating a visual narration. From the territory, I pull organic and architectural elements, rural or urban, as archetypal instances of plastic landscape representations in which perception loses its stronghold.

I explore narration through spaces by amalgamating photographs of several details found in selected locations. In this way, I construct a different representation of the landscape within the pictorial space by connecting photographs, akin to pages of travel journals that appeal to memory. I sometimes allow myself to intervene with paint in order to convey the landscape’s imaginary and non-perceptible zones.

In my artistic practice, I create new spaces by combining elements which may seem trivial at first, but which find meaning once confronted to one another. These “photographic moments” will thereafter change the direction of our gazes and will foster a dialogue between underlying perceptible and non-perceptible spaces.