Sylvie Cloutier

Painting •

514 830-5717

An abstract image…shapes, some colour… an ambience, at one and the same time, intriguing, suggestive, convivial…sometimes disconcerting. Sometimes music intervenes, not in the shape of an instrument nor a clearly identified note but by the rhythm and cadence that often is released from the painting. The image of Sylvie Cloutier is based on the meeting of the geometric shape and the organic form that join to cohabit in an harmonious fashion in a given space. For more than fifteen years, the artist experiments, continues her search for what passions her the most…..the shape in space. Circles, squares and rectangles are aligned, criss-cross one another, are superimposed to welcome with a flourish the movement, the spontaneity of the more “organic” part. The subjects are as varied as the eyes that look at the painting. The spectator has little choice but to enter, everything moves, everything is coloured; so restless; that one is invited to scrutinize the different plans that guide us further, behind this circular shape that escapes or again this dark bloc which seems concrete; the artist suggests…the onlooker interprets…according to his personal disposition, his feelings and the context that unite them. Sliding colours propel us to the top of the canvas; the transparency vitrifies some blocs so that the force and the fluidity can take their respective place in an almost organized setting, thus giving the composition a certain equilibrium. Discipline, energy and bursting creativity make Sylvie Cloutier into a passionate contemporary abstract painter, always in search of new pictorial challenges.