Anne-Marie Legault

Jewellery, Engraving •

819 446-0132


My studies as well as my experience in design and visual arts have led me to a keen interest in three-dimensional design, with its purity of form and balanced aesthetics. For me, a piece of jewellery is a precious object, and I want my work to reflect a concern for detail, elegance, well-mastered techniques and the professionalism of elaborated research. After learning and experimenting with various techniques, such as keum boo, bas-relief texturing, filigree and forging, the combination of these techniques and the use of various precious metals lead me to a design and style specific to my research work style, offering my customers a highly personalized piece of jewellery. The use of different precious metals such as sterling silver, fine silver, yellow and rose gold, combined with different textures, enables me to add different lights and reflections, thus enhancing my jewellery.



For me, engraving is a discipline that brings together many of my interests, such as papers and their properties, printing processes, artist’s books, graphic composition and the use of mediums such as inks. Printing matrices gives way to many discoveries, sometimes unexpected moments that stimulate my creativity. As with jewellery, I find my inspiration from plants and nature. I also work a lot from purely imaginary subjects, as I do in painting.