Céline Girard

Painting •

450 845-6089

As a visual artist, I appreciate the plastic reality of acrylic painting. Using abstract expression, my artistic approach employs a pictorial language based on colour and movement. I seek to apply freedom of expression with spontaneity and intuition. To make space for the amplitude of such expressiveness, I use large format media that aid in the creation of links between the observer and the work. The shock of handling impasto and its chromatic alloys brings the background to life through a succession of spatial relations that slash the pictorial space as much as they do the plastic material. The lively and strong colours used symbolize for me the intensity of life, and from these high contrasts and contradictory spaces emerge tensions and fragilities. The result is painting that is both physical and expressive.

My fascination with the origins of human life, in its eternal desire for dominance, is the source of my inspiration. This original relationship with power has brought me to return to the creation of the universe, to that moment when life itself was contained in matter. This concept is expressed by paintings that speak of invented places, reflecting my vision of the origin of time. These are enigmatic universes in which the elements of nature emerge and confront each other, colliding as they take up space to affirm their absolute powers. Imaginary worlds in which matter and life are engaged.