France Malo

Painting drawing •

450 446-7896

“My art is based on the complex dynamic of life. Creating links through Figurants,
Climatic Architectures, Fertiles Objects and Art Sport multidisciplinary series put on alert
all my senses: Art becomes adventure”.
Official Artist for Fédération Québécoise des Sports Cyclistes FQSC since 2016 nominated Grand
Master in Fine Arts AIBAQ in 2019, MALO is professionally active and engaged artist: drawing,
painting, sculpture and literature realizations concretize her life-long observation of phenomena.
MALO studied arts in national and international contexts and universities and has won numerous
honors and awards.
Her career is largely been explored and publicized in art magazines, newspapers and books since
Art Studies
“France Malo creates exuberant figurative compositions with an abstract approach to the
form that culminates in truly innovative contemporary artworks…” Amsterdam Whitney
International Fine Arts, NY USA
“The lines drawns by France Malo cannot be placed in any Cartesian axis. The artist
elaborates a signic and chromatic geometry. New visual architectures make their
appearance and fascinates the look of the observer, wich cannot do anything but look
with admiration to the painting of this great interpreter of the contemporary art.”
Salvatore Russo Art Critic, ITALY