Gaëtane Dion

Engraving painting •

438 498-9752

My multimedia practice (drawing, painting, video, 2D animation, installation, printmaking, micro-publishing) unfolds around questions related to the intimate. I am interested in what touches me on a daily basis, often in the trivial, the banal. Thus, the world and the things which inhabit my daily and dreamlike reality constitute my food of predilection to work out plastic proposals where the visible dialogues with the invisible. 

Oscillating between the dramatic and the playful, combining abstraction and figuration, my artistic proposals are built around a contextual vocabulary that I develop in the process. My studio follows me everywhere. I am constantly there internally, in my dreams, in my travels, in my daily life. I draw my materials from this groove and use them to move forward, often blindly, leaving room for wandering and chance. 

My works try to echo the universe that surrounds me, a universe that is both external and internal, full of feelings, where reality and fiction, observations and impressions intersect. I juggle with everything and invent improbable scenes where elements freed from their context and playing unusual roles are intermingled. I thus seek to confuse minds and question habits and perceptions through a singular visual poetry, a language with multiple narrative and interpretative potentialities.