Louise Binet

Painting •

514 574-7083

Shapes and textures are my ultimate source of inspiration! Some come from the city, others from nature or objects. In all of them, I look for an arrangement offering a captivating composition. Once found, these become my creative challenge!

Stemming from spots on the canvas, emerging shapes, objects or characters come together to produce an unusual and unexpected image … even for me! I also develop my paintings by superimposing paint, collages and various textures that create either abstract landscapes or emotions and symbols. My canvases are developed in a fluid, soothing and almost sensual movement. There are bright colors and their derivatives, strong tones, transparency and more enveloping colors.

The path towards creation is for me, the most fascinating: “… this exploration and this discovery of new avenues, this freedom to advance on a path where the paving stones are laid one by one, where detours are accepted and bring about pleasant surprises … as in life!’’