Louise Lacourse

Painting • Open year round by appointment

819 3453198

My artistic approach is based on several pillars that have shaped the naive and
whimsical painter that I have become. For almost 30 years, the core of my
inspiration has always been and still remains today. The wonderment provided by
the joys of childhood and the mountainous landscapes that bathe my native region
of the Eastern Townships. Indeed, it is in the picturesque village of Sainte
Catherine de Hatley that I currently draw my creative en ergy and inspiration.

Early on, I understood my desire to reproduce the wonders I saw around me. Art
thus became the primary choice that allowed me to materialize and freeze in time
all the beauty of landscapes and villages animated by the naive joy of children
running, laughin g, and playing throughout the four seasons.

Painting became my preferred medium and my true passion. I felt within me the
necessity to create and recount childhood memories. The spectator of my works is
transported into a wonderful world, imbued with a fairy tale atmosphere where
simplicity, positiv ity, and wonder reign.

Moreover, in parallel, my imagination sometimes takes pleasure in venturing into the
whimsical art. I enjoy representing nature by depicting colorful animals, larger than
life bouquets, or even fantastic and original scenes.

It all begins with an idea, a memory, or a scene that leaves a mark on my mind. The
spark of my inspiration is born.

Then, I dive into a selection of bright acrylic colors to capture all the beauty and
energy of my inspiration with the aim of conveying a feeling of joy, dynamism, and
lightness. Warm shades like red, orange, and yellow symbolize passion,
enthusiasm, and e nergy, while cool tones such as blue, white, and green bring a
sense of freshness, optimism, and serenity.