Manon Potvin

Painting •

819 847-2978

Through her process of creation and the themes of her oil paintings, Manon Potvin’s art can be described as surreal.

Nature, an endless supply of inspiration is her favorite subject. She observes that everything in nature seems to evolve in a perfect way, ruled by an infallible law. It is this ubiquitous intelligence that she tries to make visible in her paintings. They are the result of a dialogue with the living to which they also pay homage.

Attentive to the images that emerge from her subconscious, Manon Potvin paints those images which seduce and stimulate her as much by their originality, their symbolic, their technical challenge or their aesthetic potential. With oil and fine brushes, the magic happens and the works take shape. She takes advantage of the plasticity of the oil medium to polish the details and let her inspiration go until the final signature. Working on the perfection of the details, the three-dimensionality, transparent shades, light and contrast, she creates dreamlike scenes filled with serenity and completeness. She seeks to make them as much realistic as possible so we can better believe it and take part in her world.Her works take us into a world of mystery, unforeseen, beauty, poetry and magic. The time and space disappear, leaving room for fantasy, to everyone’s imagination. This state, this mental space created, stimulates, makes us more sensitive, receptive to inspiration and innovative ideas.

Like the great thinkers of Quantum physics that promote the plurality of the reality principle, the works of Manon Potvin invite us to see a completely different view of the world, recognizing that we are in front of endless possibilities from which we are all creators.