Marie-Ève L. Gagnon

Metallic wire sculpture •

819 843-8906

Born and raised in Magog, in the countryside. Everything around me fascinated me, like the details on a butterfly wing or rust on metal. What stimulates my creative mind is to bring out the beauty in something ordinary, ugly or useless by integrating it into a sculpture. Or simply sublimate an element already created by nature and give them a new identity. Equestrian owner and rider for 30 years and veterinarian assistant for 20 years, I have a deep attachment for animals and this is reflected in my works of art. After obtaining a college diploma in plastic art at Sherbrooke, I continued to develop mu art in self-taught way. It’s by tin welding of galvanized steel wire, copper and brass that i finally found my ”way”. ”Beauty in details” is an expression that represents my work well.