Nathalie Bibeau

Painting •

819 861-2426

NATURE in constant evolution with its cycles, seasons and upheavals, is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me.

Often in contact with it, I am “called by” a particular color, texture or shape … images are then imprinted in me. I think about it and then, it gets disturbing, the need to express itself, so I CREATE. For my part, everything is there, in connection with nature, intuitively, I create. I have confidence because nature knew how to do well before me!

Over time by experiencing my own storms, my relationship with nature has changed, I become aware of my limits and his. More and more I paint my versions / visions of nature, these are my interior landscapes. To reveal myself in this way requires both COURAGE and HUMILITY. In this process, my challenge is to let go of perfectionist precepts that are ingrained in me. By breaking through these demanding patterns, I create with more spontaneity and sensitively giving way to the real expression of who I am.