Nicole Taillon

Sculpture • Open year round by appointment

819 868-1372

After nearly 40 years of career and the sale of over 800 bronze works around the world, including a dozen monumental sculptures, the artist Taillon has been best known as a sculptor. Her work has been honored with numerous awards, although her very first award was in painting and came with a scholarship. She has explored various fields such as graphic design, illustration, serigraphy, animation, interior design, glass etching, fused glass, restoration of old buildings, architecture, and more.

In sculpture, she creates directly in clay without making any preliminary sketches, intuitively bringing her creations to life. Regardless of the field of her creation, her approach remains the same: she listens to the Energy, an invisible world she encounters daily. Her work, intuitive and almost meditative, is supported by advanced techniques that she strives to master with excellence.